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Congrats to 757 3rd Ave on their BOMA NYC Pinnacle Award!

L-R: Richard Molfese ( VP, General Manager of 757), James Gerardo (Chief Engineer), Matt White (Director at OTI)

Last night in New York City, OTI's Matt White was pleased to witness representatives from 757 Third Avenue accept their much-deserved Pinnacle Award for Operating Building of the Year in the 500,000-1 million sq. ft. category. The team at 757 and JLL, including Richard, James, Mark and Karen, are working tirelessly to increase the value of their mid-size commercial building by investing in a state-of-the-art BMS retrofit and innovative software solutions for energy and operational management.

We're honored to be part of this project, working with the incredible team on the ground and in the executive suite to maintain a clear strategy and implementation plan. This Pinnacle Award is a great reminder that big visions and strong commitment from dedicated teams will be rewarded. We're looking forward to all the great energy-saving and operational results this project will show in the course of this year.

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