How OTI benefits portfolio owners

Your building portfolio is an ever-evolving collection of assets spread across the country or even around the world. It's your job to protect those assets, expand their profitability and continuously show returns to investors and stakeholders. It's our  job to assist you in those efforts.

To show value, you're constantly watching market forces, shifting location dynamics, green-lighting tenants improvements and more. Are you also watching the physical systems that get your buildings running and keep them optimized over time?

Maybe you're already considering energy efficiency projects and capital investments that will get your buildings certified as Class A, LEED or Energy Star. What about the little things that can add up across the life of your investment? For example, who's in charge of securing building networks? Are there processes in place to monitor system health and dispatch technicians as soon as problems or irregularities are identified?

Integrated or connected systems within your buildings and across your portfolio can give you better access to the real status of your assets while giving your teams the information they need to keep those assets operating as designed for optimal efficiency across systems. 

Key benefits of OTI's integrated systems:

  • Real-time access to energy, HVAC, lighting and plants with ability to see portfolio-level data and drill down into individual properties.

  • Ability for qualified teams to address issues as they are identified, ultimately increasing Net Operating Income.

  • Reports to track historical data and performance of assets over time.

  • Systems will last longer, leading to a reduction in capital expenditures required to maintain building systems.

Key benefits of OTI's integrated systems

What to look for in the company that will connect your systems

To achieve these results, your portfolio needs a master systems integrator. At OTI, we are involved in projects from the beginning of construction or at the outset of a retrofit. We help you select the right devices for all building systems and integrate them according to a well thought-out strategy. This has huge implications on NOI over the lifespan of all your portfolio buildings.


Here are some of the benefits OTI brings to your portfolio:

  • Proprietary systems can be costly to maintain and limiting to innovation. We know all the big name equipment and we're connected to new companies that are expanding system capabilities with open protocols.

  • Fiber backbones offer incredible network speed and scalability. Running fiber can actually be cost-effective and is the best way to ensure that all building networks are capable of expanding as energy and operational efficiency requirements change for the asset over time.

  • Building analytics. You can't managed what you can't measure, and without OTI to install sub-meters and tag devices with industry-standard protocols, it's nearly impossible to run analytics on your building assets at the individual building level or up to the portfolio. Data is a driving force in decision making, and without it, it will be difficult to fully understand the real status of the assets in your portfolio. 

  • Proactive management from day one. Day one could be the first day you open the building or the first day it's included in your portfolio. Either way, if building systems aren't actively monitored, managed and maintained, operational efficiency will only decline. With points 1-3 in place, OTI sets up a management console that will begin collecting data as soon as the lights go on. 

Connected systems are crucial to managing a smart building portfolio. The only way to ensure that all the systems across your portfolio are integrated to the highest standards of security and efficiency is to hire a trusted master systems integrator and work closely with them on strategic projects over the long term.

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