How OTI and Macerich created an energy management solution for the next generation of Macerich mall properties.

Buildings: 19 mall properties

Location: Nationwide

Size: 19 million sq. ft.

Start date: August, 2018

Status: In progress

Macerich EMS 2.0

Macerich energy management executives conceived of EMS 2.0 to build upon existing investments in energy management technologies and gain deeper understanding of building performance starting with 10 top-performing properties. The idea was to enhance existing systems starting with upgrades from Niagara AX to N4.




After evaluating three service providers, Macerich hired OTI to build the unified platform where all disparate systems at each location would be brought into one highly visual user interface with fault detection and diagnostics as well as detailed energy reporting. Integrated systems included Niagara 4, base building mechanical equipment, meter data from Yardi, as well as integrations with Okta, SkySpark and DG Lux. The new system allows for role-based access to create unique user experiences for operations managers, property managers, maintenance contractors and Macerich executives.



  • While executives were interested in a project of this magnitude for years, this project had to wait until enabling technologies matured to integrate with Niagara.
  • With so many user groups, deployment is tailored to each property and is carefully choreographed and time intensive.



  • Haystack tagging protocol was established at the outset to give the system flexibility to grow with any future changes.
  • A simple, intuitive overview page for each property encourages operations managers to use the system and view comfort by building zone.
  • The dynamic system includes mobile-capable graphics, giving those users who operate at the property level the ability to take the system with them into the control rooms and equipment spaces, further encouraging deeper use of the platform.
  • The system integrates with existing software in use across the enterprise, including Okta and Yardi.

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