OTI's Energy Analytics work includes data visualization, reporting, fault detection and diagnostics, enhanced alarm management and advanced UI/UX design. Visual dashboards and interactive platforms are customized for diverse stakeholders including facility managers, regional executives and enterprise executive teams. 



  • We partner with building analytics experts to deliver the most innovative analytics technologies through our custom user interfaces.

  • Analytics offerings include reporting, enhanced alarm management and peak demand management.

UI/UX Design and Build

UI/UX Design and Build

  • Command and control interfaces for facility managers, property management executives and building owners to get visuals on system performance in near-real time.

  • Custom graphics that bring building data to life utilizing best practices from the design industry coupled with our unparalleled knowledge of building systems.

  • Web-based applications for entire portfolios.

Why are design principles important for buildings?

Good design is more than coordinated colors and high resolution images. For web-based applications, good User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design are the result of conscious strategy and a deep understanding of what a person is trying to get out of a system.

Design principles

OTI gets my award for the unsung hero. I could talk for an hour or more on their capabilities. It comes down to the importance of being able to measure in order to manage what you have to ensure efficiency. Their solution is near perfect, and it is a key enabler to the efficiency and ongoing optimization we achieve.

Paul Vaccaro
Senior VP Operations and Engineering,
Infomart Data Centers

Paul Vaccaro

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