OTI secures building data

Building data is not only sensitive and proprietary to building owners, but building data networks - if not secured properly - can be portals to information networks that transact millions of packets of highly confidential information constantly. At OTI, we believe it is our job to secure building networks from top to bottom. Here's how we do it.

Our fiber backbone connects all downstream devices from the basement to tenant-occupied spaces to the rooftop from just one port on the IT network. To certify this connection, our IT team works directly with building IT teams, including CIOs in many cases, to share network design and specs before any connections are made.

Security Graphic

At critical access points, we install certified technologies that enable secure tunneling by requiring two-factor authentication, device white-listing and end-to-end encryption. The security technologies we install also include a device management console for administrators to see current and historic records of network access through the device.

What happens next:

  • Our cloud services and management dashboards require two-factor authentication, unique passwords and include user logs for site administrators.

  • All data is housed in Tier 4 data centers, which are those that require the industry's highest levels of security and redundancy.

  • Networks are actively managed and monitored for irregular activity, threat assessment and required system upgrades.

Questions about how OTI makes building data smart?